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Our 365 Waterfowl Team

Our 365 Waterfowlteam of waterfowl hunting fanatics. Our team is made up of experienced waterfowl hunting individuals who love waterfowl hunting.

Check out our Our 365 Waterfowl Team videos here at 365 Waterfowl You can also view our waterfowl hunting interviews featuring industry professionals, avid waterfowl hunters, youth hunters, women in waterfowl, waterfowl newbies, and all walks of waterfowl hunting. You can also view our own personal Waterfowl Hunting Videos, DIY Waterfowl Gear, Waterfowl Product Demos, Waterfowl Product Reviews, Waterfowl Cooking Recipes, & any other relivent waterfowl related videos we can come up with.
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clay orourke

Clay started hunting waterfowl at the age of 12 ever since then he has dedicated his life to the sport and has chased waterfowl through the majority of the Mississippi flyway and Central flyways.

Since his introduction to waterfowl hunting Clay has worked with Lewis Custom Calls where he helped with goose and duck call production as well as filming, producing, and editing 2 waterfowl hunting dvd's that we're found in Gander Mountains through out the midwest. From there he joined Joe Thole and Matthew Cagle owner of Rig' Em Right Waterfowl in the production of The Dawn Patrol DVD Series that gained national recognition and could be found at the big box stores around the country.

Now you can find him working on some new projects bringing waterfowl hunting tv to the online community 24-7 and 365 days a year at no cost with the production of a new waterfowl hunting tv series at 365 Waterfowl the online waterfowl hunting tv show starting this year 2020. He is also working on another several other long time projects at Giant Ganderz Outdoors a waterfowl hunting conglomorate that will bring more to the waterfowl hunting community. Stay tuned for those projects as they are introduced down the road.

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matt peters

I started waterfowl hunting at the age of 10. Ever since then waterfowl hunting has consumed countless hours and days of my life. That feeling you get when birds cooperate how you want them to after days of scouting is what I live for. Snow goose hunting is by far my favorite waterfowl species to hunt. There's nothing like 1000's of snow geese spinning over you and being able to see hundreds of thousands of snow geese migrating over you on any given day. It's an experience everyone has to witness.


cody elder

Head guide at Goose Reapers Guided Outdoors LLC


cody braat

Having grown up close to Grand Rapids has provided me with the opportunity to hunt in many of the local outlying hunting grounds. From the time I could walk, hunting has been my passion and I have spent countless hours perfecting the sport, ultimately, resulting in many successful hunts. I started off pursing small game and then progressed to large game with the guidance of my dad. When I was 16, I started hunting waterfowl and this has now become one of my greatest past times, particularly hunting snow geese. There are few things I enjoy in life more than sharing a successful hunt with my buddies as we work our spread on 100’s of birds, resulting in many birds in the bag. My love of the outdoors has provided me the opportunity to spend my spare time hunting or fishing year round, depending on the season. This has also driven me to pursue a career as a marine mechanic with the chance to work on or close to the water on a daily basis.


brandon kilgore

Guides Assitant at Whiteout Outfitters and Social Media Specialist for 365 Waterfowl. Brandon is also running his own business Premier Polishing out of Wisconsin

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365 Waterfowl Field Staff

Meet our field staff of dedicated waterfowl hunters who are made up of talented and respected waterfowl hunters from across the country and the canadian provinces. Our field staff team is here to be our boots on the ground waterfowl hunting face of our team. Our field staff is made up of team members from all the territories in the US and canadian provinces. Find out today how you can become a part of our field staff !

United States Field Team United States Field Team

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