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Friday, 18 November 2022 09:57

Snow Geese Being Pushed by Arctic Blast

The Snow Geese as well as all migrating waterfowl and other birds are being pushed south by the arctic blast. More than 90% of the US feeling below average tempuratures causing birds to move south!

Lots of reports coming in across the United States of snow geese pushing further and further south and almost even down to their wintering destinations. Though currently the snow geese are spread in all flyways from north to south with these winter storms and cold fronts moving in and not showing any signs of slowing that progress we should expect the birds to continue to move to warmer climates. If, you are a snow goose hunter or a waterfowl hunter then get out there because there are no shortage of birds on the move. Stay tuned and check back, view our snow goose migration map, or even feel free to share your reports of snow geese making the move!

Arctic blast sending central US into a deep freeze

Snow Goose Migration Report Map

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