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Check out waterfowl hunting product manufacturers who offer some of the best waterfowl hunting gear and equipment in the waterfowl hunting industry. Don't see your waterfowl hunting business then request your business to be added to our directory of waterfowl hunting product manufacturers. Or if you know of a waterfowl hunting product manufacturer that you think we should add let us know!
Rig'em Right Waterfowl
Rig'em Right WaterfowlHeavily Seasonedinfo@rigemright.com
We at Rig’Em Right truly appreciate all of you that use our gear. Keep an eye out for more new and exciting products in the future as we continue to lead the industry in specialty waterfowl products.
Sitka Gear
Sitka GearTurning clothing into gearcustomerservice@sitkagear.com
Founded in 2005, SITKA® Gear was an idea spawned by necessity. Like many stories, this one started out as an epic journey that culminated with a clear vision. After 3000 vertical feet in the dark, with intermittent snow flurries and driving sleet, the morning climb ended behind a gnarled White Bark Pine to get some reprieve from the elements and a little food in the bellies.
DrakeTake A Stand™ to be the best
Drake forged a name for itself by making innovative clothing and gear for hunters - folks who demand the most out of their gear. We struck a chord with outdoorsmen and women who look at the world the same way we do, and over time this crowd allowed us to make clothes that could be worn before and after the hunt as well.
Hardcore Waterfowl
Hardcore WaterfowlA brand inspired by passioncustomercare@hcbusa.com
Hard Core was founded out of the desire to produce high-quality, durable, realistic decoys and waterfowl hunting accessories for the hard-core waterfowl hunter. Always looking ahead, we continually strive to create products that not only work flawlessly in the field but also leave a lasting impression on our customers.
Beretta500 years, one passionestore@beretta.com
Already in production in the early 1500s, Beretta products were chosen by the highly discriminating Republic of Venice because of their excellence. As the Beretta name became synonymous with uncompromising quality, design, materials, construction and performance, word spread beyond the Italian borders, establishing a tradition that has carried over, uninterrupted, through fifteen generations of Berettas.
Cupped Waterfowl
Cupped WaterfowlCupped Waterfowl is rooted in passion
The origin of Cupped Waterfowl is rooted in passion – like most great things. The desire to see more sunrises, spend extra time with your dog, and filling limits led to the design of Cupped Waterfowl products. This is not the same ol’ same ol’ grandfather gear. We wanted our gear to be designed for modern-day guides and passionate hunters. Every time we set out to design a product, an inconvenience or modern problem disappears:
Let’s face it; the outdoors can be extremely tough on gear. Whether it’s mud, ice, frigid temperatures or flat-out wear and tear, hunting equipment is pushed to the limits. We’ve all been in situations where our equipment did not function properly due to design flaws or simply not being able to handle the rigors of the outdoors or hunter. The desire to create superior products to enhance the outdoor experience was our primary objective in the beginning… and remains to be the foundation of BANDED.
Duck Camp
Duck CampA Place and a Feeling
What began as a frustration with the quality and construction of hunting clothing quickly evolved into the development of a brand that seeks to understand the modern outdoorsman. We talk about Duck Camp, which is as much a place to go as it is a feeling.
TanglefreeThe Line Connecting Tradition to Innovationshop@tanglefree.com
Tanglefree is a family-owned and operated waterfowl company offering hundreds of functional field-proven decoys, blinds, gear, and accessories that have been committed to providing industry-leading customer service since 1972.
Final Approach
Final ApproachTough Conditions Tough Gearservice@fabrand.com
Final Approach was started in 1993 out of one hunter’s necessity. Ron Latschaw was his name and his dream was to create a blind that would conceal him in the most comfortable, hidden way. His thoughts were not to make money or start a company, it was simply to be a better hunter. Well, he succeeded with that blind as all major waterfowl companies after the “Eliminator” followed suit to try and improve on that idea. Final Approach made the first layout blind and to this day still makes the best blinds on the market.
Alps Outdoorz
Alps OutdoorzExceed Your Expectationscustomerservice@alpsbrands.com
No matter who our customers are— from the lifelong fly-fisher, to the passionate traveler, to our partners around the world, to our associate peers—we create moments that exceed their expectations every day.
OrvisSurprise & Delight Your Customercustomerservice@orvis.com
No matter who our customers are— from the lifelong fly-fisher, to the passionate traveler, to our partners around the world, to our associate peers—we create moments that exceed their expectations every day.
Halo Waterfowl
Halo WaterfowlMORE THAN AMERICAN MADEcustomerservice@ninelineapparel.com
First Lite Waterfowl
First Lite Waterfowlprovide the best possible apparel for the hunter who demands nothing less.info@firstlite.com
First Lite strives to provide the best possible apparel for the hunter who demands nothing less. We design simple products that work for the tree stand, on the back forty or a nine-day expedition in the Brooks Range. We also fully understand that the passion of our customers and employees depends on the conservation of the world’s wildlife resources and the protection of our collective access to the wild places they inhabit. Therefore, First Lite is about more than simply producing awesome gear. Supporting the people and groups who protect our sporting heritage is an equally important part of who we are as an organization and a group of folks who love to hunt.
GerberLike the men and women who carry our gear, Gerber is Unstoppable.info@gerbergear.com
Decades of innovation and dedication have put us here. Renowned as a master of knives and tools, Gerber’s problem-solving, life-saving products are designed with the unique needs of specific activities in mind. Today that includes much more than a blade.
Dr Duck
Dr DuckFocus less on your gear and more on the journey
At Dr. Duck Co., Our mission is to help grow the number of waterfowl hunters and to equip people with rugged, durable gear that will allow them to have the best hunting experience possible. Founded in 2019, Dr. Duck Company is a partnership between public land waterfowl hunter Dennis Loosier (a.k.a. Dr. Duck) of Tyler Texas, and outdoor/hunting gear company Rusa Outdoors, LLC of Bixby, Oklahoma. The company is powered and operated by Rusa Outdoors in Bixby, Oklahoma. We use advanced design, innovative technology, and durable fabrics and materials to develop gear that enhances the experience of the hunter. Since the beginning, our goal has been to develop products that specifically meet the needs of waterfowl hunters and that ultimately allow the hunter to focus less on their gear and more on what matters most - The Journey.
YetiWildly stronger! Keep ice longer!
Growing up, my brother and I always had a passion for the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, traveling to outdoor industry trade shows with our teacher-turned-entrepreneur-father. We were raised with an appreciation for wild-game, unfamiliar territory, and high-quality gear. But the coolers available at the time just weren’t up to our outdoor adventures – the handles would break, the latches would snap off, and the lids would cave in. Not only was it a hassle to replace our coolers after each season, but also these cheaply built, ordinary ice chests were limiting our good times. And that frustration led us to a solution.
Doctari Longlines
Doctari LonglinesQuality open water hunting gearscott@doctarilonglines.com
Doctari Longlines has been supplying duck hunters around the world with the best and most economical decoy longline system on the market. We have been decoying ducks for decades and you will be cashing in on years of trial and error to get the best possible Longline Decoy Rig available. We offer several options; The Top selling Guide Series Longline Decoy Rig for the rough, open water guide and serious diving duck hunter, or the Hunter Series Longline Decoy Rig for the protected waters of lakes, streams, flooded timber, or fields. These quality hunting products far exceed any other decoy rig on any store shelf and you will soon agree.
BrowningThe Best There Iscustomerservice@browning.com
To get to the very beginning one would have to go back to 1805, to the birth of Jonathan Browning in Tennessee. Jonathan was the father of John Moses Browning. Like many of his time, he sought a life in the West, which eventually had him setting up shop as a gunmaker and gunsmith of some note in Nauvoo, Illinois, and eventually brought him further West, with the Mormon pioneers to Ogden, Utah.
Bird Dog Waterfowl
Bird Dog WaterfowlQuality Waterfowl Gear and Supplies Since 2016info@birddogwaterfowl.com
From the Eastern sea duck hunters to the flooded timber mallard holes in the south. The prairie potholes, to the Pacific flyway in the west. Our Canadian neighbors to the north, and every waterfowl hunter everywhere in the world. We know your passion. We share that excitement. The sights, the smells, the camaraderie. That unspoken bond between a handler and his dog. That is why Bird Dog Waterfowl was created. To keep that fire lit year-round, to create new, fresh, high-quality products that can be put to the test. Because at Bird Dog Waterfowl it is a way of life.
Avesadvanced technical waterfowl gearinfo@aveshunting.com
In 2015, while playing for the San Francisco Giants, Hunter met some fellow outdoorsmen who were doing creative things in the hunting industry. He was intrigued by the quality of gear, but more by their business models that bypassed retail stores and were sold direct-to-consumer. He wondered, “why is this not being applied to the waterfowl industry?”. Seeing the hard work and success of his new friends inspired Hunter to bring advanced gear into the duck hunting scene.
Natural Gear
At Natural Gear, we’re dedicated. Dedicated to making the most of your time, your hunt, your products, and most importantly your success. Our dedication started deep in the Arkansas woods over 25 years ago and it still rings true today. At Natural Gear, we understand the passion of the outdoor stage, the grit of hunkering down motionless for hours, and the excitement that comes when hard work and dedication pay off. It’s what we live for, it’s what dominates our minds and what keeps us looking forward to each new season. This is what sets us apart from the other hunting camo brands out there.
BrowningVeteran and Public Safety Ownedcombatwaterfowl@gmail.com
The heart for service runs deep in Combat Waterfowl as we seek to honor those who serve in all capacities at home and abroad. Both owners are Veterans of the United States Army, one remains on Active Duty. One of our owners is a former Law Enforcement Officer and another is an active volunteer Firemen/EMT. Our Nation’s and neighborhood’s servants do not receive nearly the recognition they deserve and we hope to honor them through our brand.
Cedar Run Decoy Co.
Cedar Run Decoy Co.Built on Honoring Traditions Focused on Conservation
With years of experience in decoy carving, waterfowl hunting, and managing wildlife, Cedar Run Decoy Company owners Corey Lucas and Boyd Culver wanted to return to the traditions of waterfowling, before spinning wing decoys and 200hp mud boats. Getting back to the roots of waterfowl hunting required gear not available in retail stores, so they built their own decoys and gear, designed to withstand the rigors of hunting all across the country from the prairie potholes of the plains to the flooded timber of the Mississippi Flyway. They now bring their field-tested, hand-crafted decoys to everyone who wants to experience pure duck hunting. Bring back past memories when the marshes were filled with the sounds and sights of ducks bombing into a rig of hand-carved dekes passed down through the generations.
Mud Buddy
Mud BuddyGo places an outboard motor wouldn't dareinfo@mudbuddy.com
Mud Buddy Manufacturing is located near the Great Salt Lake in Utah where endless shallow water marshes grow vast amounts of waterfowl for the pacific flyway. The company was founded by Glenn Foreman in June 1994 with a goal to provide higher quality, higher horsepower shallow water motors for sportsmen who desire the quality, superior fit and finish and great customer service. Today, Mud Buddy is the world’s largest mud motor company with more Longtail and Short Tail Surface Drive Mud Motors than all other mud motor companies combined.
L.L. Bean
L.L. BeanWe believe the more time you spend outside together, the better.
We believe the more time you spend outside together, the better. That’s why we design products that make it easier to take longer walks, have deeper talks and never worry about the weather. It’s like our founder always said – outside bringing out the best in us.
Dixie Decoys
Dixie DecoysDixie Decoys® A New Kind of Oldsales@dixiedecoys.com
There was a time when people made decoys to be judged for something bigger than a ribbon....the birds and the salt were the real tests. Our Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers built their decoys to be worked over. Their blocks had a simplistic design that could be replicated quickly and they made them out of whatever could be found that would be shaped into something that resembled a bird. For them, this was no hobby but their way of life!
Truck Vault
Truck VaultSECURE STORAGE FOR WATERFOWL HUNTINGtruckvault@truckvault.com
A couple of decades ago, I built the first TruckVault to carry my shotguns and other hunting paraphernalia. This homemade prototype was nothing more than two long drawers with no locks that served to keep my guns and gear hand, and protected from the other stuff that was banging around in the bed of my truck.
SOAB Hunting Company
SOAB Hunting CompanyNo More Shy Ducks Just Doing What Ducks Do
SOAB Hunting Company introduces the IMITATOR forever changing the future of duck hunting defining the new standards for natural realistic motion duck decoy systems. Removing all limitations and restrictions that have become the norm for decoy/spreader setup/systems. We like to say "No more Robo Ducks" meaning just that, eliminating the need for expensive decoys. The competition to provide a "natural" and "realistic" duck decoy has led to the complete opposite transforming a decoy into "Robotic Ducks on Steroids with Photoshop Overkill". The IMITATOR's simplicity causes an initial "Shock & Awe" reaction. What is not seen lying underwater in the "Magic Black Box" guides the decoys (considered "cheap" decoys these days) to set the new standard for naturally realistic motion.
Duck Creek Decoy Works
Duck Creek Decoy WorksWe make the Flashback 2. The most realistic, effective and durable motion decoy availible.
My brother and I grew up hunting with our Dad on the big waters of central Minnesota. Early on, waterfowl hunting became a passion. I ended up building a career around this passion and spent more than a decade as an outdoor writer and a spokesperson for the Colorado Division of Wildlife. My obsession for waterfowl hunting continues today on my farm on the South Platte River on the Eastern Plains of Colorado where my boys and I enjoy farming, wildlife and most of all, duck hunting together.

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