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Tuesday, 06 December 2022 21:21

No Major Weather, No Major Migration for Snow Geese

Similar to the last report, there has not been any major significant snow goose movement and no weather patterns moving in that will force any major pushes of snow geese in the majority of US. That doesn't mean that the snow geese are not migrating, but only that there are no major-forced migrations to report. However, there have been reports of snow geese on the move in many central US states.

The Weekly forecast isn't showing any real significant snow storms, colder weather, or anything out of the ordinary that would force any major migration pushes of snow geese in any of the major flyways except for possibly Thursday into Friday in Nebraska, Northeast Kansas, Northern Missouri and Illinois. However, as the fall is starting to slowly turn over to winter, there are good numbers of snow geese being reported on the move in many areas across the central parts of the United States. So, snow geese are on the move simply because it is that time of year, and they are ready to get to warmer climates for wintering. Be on the lookout for that storm front moving through Nebraska and down into Illinois to push some snow geese in those areas. With snow in Nebraska and rain in the other areas, there could be a decent push of snow geese forced by that storm as it pushes through. Currently, the snow geese have mainly pushed through that area already but, if there are any lagging behind they most likely will get pushed down out of Nebraska depending on where that snow switches to rain, they could get stalled out in pockets just outside that snow as it pushes through. This would be the only locations that would cause any significant movement of snow geese this week.

Also, there are reports again of significant losses of juvenile snow geese in all the major flyways due to the latest strain of bird flu that seems to be wreaking havoc on the current juvies and less on the older snow geese. We have been monitoring the situation for quite some time, and it is looking in places to be a bit tough on the younger birds as of right now they are not doing great. However, the snow geese are on the move, so if anything, maybe the current bird flu will only help the hunting and make those young birds even dumber than usual this fall and winter as they continue to push south. We will continue to monitor the situation and give reports about that as it progresses but, let's hope that the situation resolves itself, so we have some juvies left to hunt this upcoming spring season. We thank you for checking in, and thank you for your interest in our site. Please, if you have anything that you would like to see on our site and or any ideas for us to bring to the table, feel free to share with us, and we will be glad to entertain any ideas and continue to bring all things waterfowl hunting here at 365 Waterfowl.

Snow to spread across 1,200-mile-long corridor of the US this week

Snow Goose Migration Report Map

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