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Wednesday, 23 November 2022 14:16

Majority Milder Weather, Stalled Out Migration

Looking like for the majority of the United States there will not be much of a migration going on in most locations and flyways outside of the Northern Atlantic and Northern Pacific Flyways.

Friday, 18 November 2022 09:57

Snow Geese Being Pushed by Arctic Blast

The Snow Geese as well as all migrating waterfowl and other birds are being pushed south by the arctic blast. More than 90% of the US feeling below average tempuratures causing birds to move south!

Thursday, 10 November 2022 08:21

Snow Geese on the Move and Weather Incoming

The Snow Geese are on the move with some potential rough weather moving in to the northern states will likely cause the snows to push even further south! For those who love to chase the snow geese during the fall in the central states this should be your time coming up!

Tuesday, 08 November 2022 10:57

Welcome To 365 Waterfowl

Written by

We would like to welcome any and all waterfowl hunters out there who are interested in the sport of waterfowl hunting and the expansion of knowledge and growth of the future of the sport.

Saturday, 29 October 2022 00:00

Snow Geese Southward Bound

The Snow Geese are on their southward migration decent into the United States. By now the snow geese are pushing through canada and into the Northern most parts of the United States. They are still stretched through-out Canada but are quickly making their presence known in the US Northern states. Hang on to your butts!

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