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Tuesday, 13 December 2022 08:43

Kickstarting a Migration Event, Blizzard warnings issued in northern Plains

There is a current weather event underway in the majority of the central US with the northern states going to experience blizzard conditions and heavy snow fall from Colorado to Michigan. The south is getting hit with heavy rain storms that will likely produce flooding conditions.

This past weekend a storm system moved in from the Pacific bringing heavy rain and snow into California and the Intermountain West. It is expected that hundreds of square miles from the rockies to the northern Plains will be hit with snow, ice, and blizzards. There are six states that are under blizzard warnings at the moment and the snow storm conditions could extend into midweek in those nothern states located in the path of the storm as it progresses. It seams looking at the maps and the videos of the storm track that there is a large area between southern Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and down into Texas the birds could potentionally move in and stack up in those areas. Most likely down into the southern states since most of the birds have already pushed into Nebraska and Kansas this storm could push them down out of those areas and into Oklahoma and Texas and even more into Arkansas after mid week. Either way as with most storms that move in from the north one would have to assume that there will be a decent amount of waterfowl on the move trying to get out and away from this storm as it progresses. If, you are out in those areas away from the storm as it moves through It may be time to get out and get after 'em. Best of luck out there to those who have to get out in the mess and deal with it, stay safe and burn 'em up!

Blizzard warnings issued in northern Plains ahead of travel-snarling snowstorm

Snow Goose Migration Report Map

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