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Duck Commanders Teach Conan To Make Duck Calls - CONAN

Published Date:
Apr 11, 2012

Video Info:
Phil and Willie Robertson show Conan how to summon a duck.

Organization:, Team Coco

History of the Tim Grounds Halfbreed

Published Date:
Apr 25, 2018

Video Info:
When you think of the ultimate traffic call, the Halfbreed is at the top. The Halfbreed, has been the go to call among professional guides for years. For more information on the Halfbreed and other Tim Grounds calls, visit

Organization:, Traffic Hunters TV

Tim Grounds "The Last Call"

Published Date:
Feb 10, 2020

Video Info:
This was the last captured footage of Tim Grounds before his passing. Tim was an inspiration to all who knew him. Tim will go down in history as paving the road for modern goose calling and will be known as the best to ever blow a goose call. Tim was an innovator and developed some of the best waterfowl calls the industry has ever seen. Tim Grounds calls holds more World Calling titles than any call on the market. Tim Grounds calls also hold the title of winning more calling contest than any call ever made. Tim will be missed by many and will always be in the hearts of those who knew him. For more info on Tim Grounds calls.

Organization: Traffic Hunters TV

WATERFOWL HUNTING Q&A | Field Facts with Forrest Episode 1

Published Date:
Apr 20, 2020

Video Info:
In the first episode of Field Facts with Forrest from Dive Bomb Industries, Forrest Carpenter tackles the two most commonly asked questions from hunters about socks and silhouettes. Can you, and how should you mix silos and full body decoys? How many socks should you mix with your silhouette spread? Find out here, and SUBSCRIBE to learn more waterfowling tips and tricks from World Champion caller and long-time guide, Forrest Carpenter.

Organization: Dive Bomb Industries

What Gear Do You Need To Waterfowl Hunt - "The Offseason" - E8

Published Date:
Jul 26, 2018

Video Info:
The question, What gear do you need to waterfowl hunt was asked a few weeks ago. There will be different opinions on this, but in this week's Offseason video we through the necessities you'll need to start waterfowl hunting.

Organization: Fowled Reality Duck and Goose Hunting

XO: State of Waterfowl - Hunting Pressure (Episode 9)

Published Date:
Oct 15, 2019

Video Info:
Where are the ducks is the question. XO Xpress Outdoors: "State of Waterfowl" presented by Grosse Savanne Lodge, a multi-series discussion addressing this and other tough questions that have plagued waterfowlers and conservationists alike.

Organization: Xpress Boats

Duck Hunting Discussion Q & A w/ Freelance Duck Hunting

Published Date:
Aug 28, 2016

Video Info:
Where are the ducks is the question. XO Xpress Outdoors: "In this episode of Freelance Discussions I answer several Duck Hunting questions asked by subscribers.
Topics include the following:

  1. Preparation for the upcoming Duck Hunting Season
  2. Mosquito repellent during the early Duck Hunting Season
  3. Duck identification
  4. Types of Duck Decoys Used
  5. Video cameras used during filming of Duck Hunting episodes.
  6. Credits:
    Organization: Freelance Duck Hunting

Rogers Waterfowl Podcast - Duck Hunting Q&A

Published Date:
Nov 14, 2019

Video Info:
In this podcast, recorded live on Facebook, we sit down with Travis Mueller from GHG/Banded/Avery, and answer viewer's questions and talk all things duck hunting.

Organization: Rogers Sporting Goods

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